Blurb for Good: Make a Book, Make a Difference

With the advent of self-publishing platforms like Blurb, it's never been easier to print your own book. Blurb helps people print beautiful on-demand versions of books without the headaches, longshots, and wasteful printings of major publishers, and today it launched a new platform called Blurb for Good (no relation to us), "a platform that enables citizen philanthropists and nonprofits to create and use books as a means to generate awareness, goodwill and monies for social causes."

Blurb for Good not only helps people and nonprofits publish books in an aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective way, but also includes opportunities to help raise money for those nonprofits. Blurb-published authors already keep 100 percent of their books' profits, but now Blurb for Good authors can apply to earn small contributions from all Blurb sales.

Seems like a fantastic resource for the DIY and socially conscious sets among us.