Cartoonist Uses Her NSFW Images To Reveal The Struggles Of Staying Body-Positive

Behind the drawings lie some difficult and common truths.

Surely, French cartoonist Cécile Dormeau knows that her illustrations will reach a smaller audience due to their earnest depiction of naked women’s bodies. But to compromise on that front would be to dilute the sole message she is working to convey.

A graphic designer by trade, Dormeau has taken to posting her illustrations and animations on her Instagram account to show that women aren’t alone in their struggles to maintain body positivity in cultures that often shoot down every attempt to do so. The key to her approach, according to the artist herself, is to offer up the good with the bad in crafting a message that will be received as honest rather than one-sided or manipulated.

“A lot of my illustrations obviously empower women,” Dormeau told the Huffington Post. “I like representing women in a way that we’re not used to seeing them. I want to celebrate women’s weaknesses along with their strengths.”