People Are Watching A Boring Live Stream In Wyoming For No Apparent Reason

It’s of an intersection in Jackson Hole

As this piece is being written, over 2000 people are tuned into the live stream of a webcam in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hundreds of commenters are sharing their thoughts on what’s happening at an intersection in its town square with astute observations such as “bus”, “bird,” and “behold the glory of the mighty arch.”

via YouTube

Although no one is certain why this boring webcam is attracting such an audience, it’s believed that a user on the 4chan webboard is traveling to Jackson Hole to do something for the camera. Given 4chan’s reputation, the residents of Jackson Hole should be mildly concerned. The Webcam was set up over a month ago, along with 19 others, in an attempt to draw more tourists to the area. Jackson Hole is a popular destination for outdoorsy types because of its proximity to Teton National Park.