Boston Mayor Declares April 9 “Riot Grrrl Day”

Girls to the front!

The city of Boston has officially named April 9 “Riot Grrrl Day.” Legendary punk singer and feminist crusader Kathleen Hanna will be taking the New England city by storm on Thursday, with a much anticipated talk at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre in the evening. Before the “Riot Grrrl Then and Now” discussion, which will cover everything from Hanna’s fierce and fledgling Bikini Kill days to the modern day struggles and battles that women face, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s office will present her with the official Riot Grrrl Day proclamation.

Image via Vanyaland

The proclamation “marries two of my favorite things: political activism and the arts,” Boston’s Chief of Policy, Joyce Linehantold Vanyaland. The idea that women and girls should have a voice and be heard is something near and dear to my heart.”

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Hanna, creator of the DIY and community-driven ‘90s feminist movement known as Riot Grrrl, is a respected and revolutionary artist and activist hell bent on giving girls their due. If you don’t know much about her, make sure to check out the masterful documentary about Hanna’s life, The Punk Singer.