Bra Company Says Women Are Paintings, Not Food

An underwear line wants to change "pear-shaped" to "Matisse."

The Australian women's underwear line Triumph is trying to counteract negative body images in women by ceasing to describe ladies' shapes with analog fruits (e.g. "pear-shaped" and "apple-shaped"). Instead, Triumph believes women should be taxonomized by which Old Master artist preferred to paint their specific figure.

A traditionally pear-shaped woman would be a "Matisse" under Triumph's new lexicon, whereas a woman with "a full bust and bottom" is a "Rembrandt."

Anecdotal evidence in the video above finds that at least a few women think this change in female categorization is an improvement on the past (nobody likes to be thought of as food, of course). But that raises the question of whether a better improvement would be to stop categorizing women altogether. Why not just call them women and let their tailors worry about their shapes?