Good Samaritans Save A Woman And Her Dog During Louisiana Flood

“Oh my god I’m drowning!”

The federal government declared a major disaster in Louisiana yesterday after a storm system created devastating floods throughout the state. More than 1,000 homes have been flooded in Baton Rouge and Livingston while 200 in St. Helena Parish and 500 in Tangipahoa Parish have been inundated by water as well. As of Monday, six people have died and 20,000 people have been rescued from flooded homes and cars. One such rescue that was caught on video shows how the people of the Bayou State have come together to survive the disaster.

On Saturday, some good Samaritans on a boat in Baton Rouge heard a woman screaming “Oh my god, I’m drowning!” from the inside of a car that was slowly sinking in the flood waters. The men tried to break the car’s window but were unsuccessful so one jumped on the vehicle with a knife and ripped its fabric roof open. The brave man then dove in the murky water and pulled the woman out of the submerging car. Gasping for air, the rescued woman screamed “Get my dog. Get my dog!” and the man dove back into the water and brought the drowning dog to safety.