Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream

Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream

by Allison Arieff

January 5, 2011

Taking on indoor plumbing, that most essential element of a civilized home, indoor plumbing, Future Farmers' project is, as eco-architect Sim Van Der Ryn muses in his book "The Toilet Papers," is an interesting conceptual stew they’re cooking up: "a pinch of punk violence in taking the sledgehammers to toilets; a soupçon of aesthetic magic in making exquisite gleaming white lozenges out of the homely appliances; a hint of street radical chic as in bricks flying through the air; and a dash of reference to Duchamp’s urinal and its permanent demystification of the art object."

The questioning of the stuff of everyday life is Future Farmers' obsession, as seen in previous works like "Shoelace Exchange" (2005) which explored the vanishing art of shoemaking. This spring, they'll continue their explorations of the sole (and the soul) by bringing a cobbler's bench, materials and the makings of a shoemaker's atelier into the Guggenheim Museum, an institution more typically devoted to the pursuits of the extremely well-heeled. 
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Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream