Brightening Walls Around the World Brightening Walls Around the World

Brightening Walls Around the World

by Morgan Clendaniel

April 26, 2010
Cool Hunting let us know about Let's Colour, a sort of international version of Publicolor. Let's Colour goes around the world painting drab walls bright colors (the project is sponsored by, you guessed it, a paint company.)  Fernanda Romano, who works for Let's Colour, told Cool Hunting about the genesis of the project:

"let's find locations, places around the world, they're a bit dull, a bit grey. Let's engage the local community." She adds, encouraging community involvement was crucial to succeed: "Mandating things to people feels a bit old fashioned. People want to collaborate, people create content to share with the world."

Check out a few images below, and then head to Cool Hunting to see more pictures and read more about the project.

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Brightening Walls Around the World