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Bus That Runs On Cow Manure Breaks Bus Land Speed Record

Recently the bovine-powered “Bus Hound” from UK-based Reading Buses broke the “bus land speed record” by speeding at over 80mph.

Sure you’ve heard of vegetable oil-powered cars, but what about a bus that runs on manure? Recently, the entirely cow manure-powered “Bus Hound” from UK-based Reading Buses broke the “bus land speed record” by zooming across the English countryside at over 80 mph. To be precise, the Bus Hound reached a lap speed of 76.785 mph (123.57km/h) at Bedford’s Millbrook Proving Ground, the speed later confirmed by the UK Timing Association.

This “magic manure,” however, is just simple science. The bus is able to run on compressed bio methane, a common gas produced by concentrating and purifying sewage and agricultural waste, which acts similarly to the natural gas that fuels propane tanks.

The unnamed hero that brought the Bus Hound over the finish line.

Speaking to the BBC, chief engineer John Bickerton said he hopes to raise the bar on natural energy and show just how powerful cow poop can be: “We’ve laid down a challenge for other bus operators to best our record and we had to make it a bit hard for them.” Ironically, Bickerton also wants to “get the image of bus transport away from being dirty, smelly, and slow”…by using animal dung, and painting each bus black and white to mimic the patterns of a Friesian cow. But unlike a cow’s measly four stomachs, each bus is outfitted with seven tank chambers to hold gas. Those in Reading can expect to see these lovely cow manure buses roll through their town some time this summer.

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