Buy More Now

Rampant consumerism, and the mindset behind it, was certainly a factor in the current economic meltdown. People were willing to buy anything, despite not being able to afford it, including expensive things like houses. All part of a exploding consumer culture, that many people, like RED's Bobby Shriver and anti-consumerism crusader Rev. Billy, said we needed to either channel into better uses or totally curtail. But now that the economy is forcing some of these changes, it turns out that we've swung too far in the other direction. You did not buy enough during the holidays! Neither did your friends and family! The holiday sales are supposed to drive revenue for the year, but most stores revenues fell far below their numbers from last December, to the tune of nearly 50% in some cases. The big winner, Wal-Mart, who saw increases over last year due to their slashed prices. For all those Wal-Mart haters, and Lord knows I'm one, you have to vote with your wallet. We might come through this year with Wal-Mart as the only major retailer unless we go out and buy some stuff. So get to it. And also, please stop saving. That was what you were supposed to be doing the last three years, it's too late now, and you're only hurting everyone else.