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12 funny and smart bumper stickers for your car

That's one way to make a statement.

12 funny and smart bumper stickers for your car

The best thing about social media is also the worst: These days everyone has a voice. Democracy is alive on the Internet but it's not always the same as making a statement. Before Twitter, millions of Americans shared their political and folksy wisdom through the analog power of the bumper sticker. Sure, sometimes those bumper stickers go a bit far or are in bad taste, but there's something delightful about the power of communicating pithy statements on the back of our cars.

The bumper sticker has had a bit of a comeback in the age of Trump and there is no shortage of pro and anti-Trump bumper stickers out there. That said, most of our favorite political bumper stickers are timeless in their deep and often snarky wisdom. Here are 12 of our favorites:

1. Any Functioning Adult 2020

Doesn't this one really say it all? Yes, it's pretty clearly an anti-Trump message but we feel like it's something a number of Republicans can get behind, too.

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2. You're Fired 2020. Wow, that is a fun catch phrase.

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3. Giant Meteor 2020. Just end it already.

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This one is pretty bleak but some days just feels 100% on point.

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4. Nevertheless, She Persisted

By its very nature, this one is timeless for all the best and worst reasons. And heading into the first presidential election since 2016, it feels more relevant than ever.

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5. If you're not outraged you're not paying attention

An all-time classic.

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6. White, Straight, Republican. How else can I piss you off today?

Hey, Republicans need to have a good laugh, too.

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This one might take a second to sink in. But when it does...

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8. Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet

Save the planet, save our democracy, promote equality. These issues are not mutually exclusive.

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9. Vote for Obi-Wan Kenobi "Our Only Hope"

With the final Star Wars saga in theaters, the time is right for "Old Ben" to step out of the hot Tatoine sunlight and into the spotlight of our Imperial Galactic ... er, U.S. Senate.

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10. Wow, That Bumper Sticker Really Changed My Opinion.

There's even a perfect political bumper sticker for all of you bumper sticker skeptics out there.

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11. I hope something good happens to you today

If you've made it this far, perhaps you could use a blast of positivity. In fact, this might be our favorite one so far and it's not even tied to a campaign or candidate.

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12. Think: It's not illegal (yet)

Freedom of speech is continuously under attack from forces across the political spectrum. The free flow of ideas and speech is often easier said than done, no pun intended. A message that can resonate with any free-thinker, regardless of their other political leanings.

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