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Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener? Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener?

Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener?

by Dave Burdick

October 3, 2012

Communities is JouleBug's solution for forward-thinking organizations. The marquee client is the city government of Raleigh, N.C. Using JouleBug Communities, government employees are competing with one another to see who can save the most energy and money for the taxpayers—which is cool. Cooler still is that this is just the beginning for JouleBug, and I expect we'll see corporate clients pick it up and try the same thing soon. 

Even if your workplace doesn't adopt it, though, you can sign up and grab the free app, then compete with coworkers, keeping track of those reusable dishes you've been bringing to the office, the biking to work that you do when it's not bike-to-work-day and the local beer you brought to the holiday party. 

The app is available for iPhone—but not yet for Android. So I haven't tested it. If you guys do take it for a test run, let me know what you think, here or on Twitter.

If you happen to be going to SXSW Eco this week, you can check out the JouleBug booth there. 

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Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener?