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Chicago Dean's Sexy Essay Spooks Applicants

Something everyone in college or beyond can agree on is that filling out applications (not to mention waiting to hear back) is torturous. Will your essays stand out without being over-the-top? Are your grades good enough? Is the A/V club a "real" extracurricular activity.James G. Nondorf, a dean at the University of Chicago, is empathetic to the plight of his school's prospective students. So, he took it upon himself to send out a light-hearted essay written by an admitted student in answer to one of the university's application questions, "Why Chicago?" What he ended up picking was probably a little racier than he'd intended, as noted by the New York Times:"Dear University of Chicago, It fills me up with that gooey sap you feel late at night when I think about things that are really special to me about you. Tell me, was I just one in a line of many? Was I just another supple ‘applicant' to you, looking for a place to live, looking for someone to teach me the ways of the world?"Actually, it seems that Nondorf's biggest problem isn't the innuendo in the prose, but rather that his essay choice hit a little close to home for some applicants, who now are scrambling to determine whether they need to rewrite their admissions essays at the 11th hour. Apparently some of them went in the same direction, with pleas to an anthropomorphized University, like "Accept me."One day, these students will be able to look back and laugh at all this ... I hope.

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