China's Most Brazen Cyber Attacks

's recent internet attacks on American email accounts aren't the first time we've been the victim of Sino-cyber-espionage, and, in fact, might be some of the less important hacking the Chinese have done in recent years. Foreign Policy has an excellent list of the 10 biggest Chinese attacks, and some of them are pretty intense and scary, including gaining information into our naval war planning against China, plans for a state-of-the-art fighter jet, and perhaps causing the 2003 blackout:
A National Journal article revealed that spying software meant to clandestinely steal personal data was found on the devices of then Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and several other officials following a trade mission to China in December 2007. That same article reported that intelligence officials traced the causes of the massive 2003 northeast blackout back to the PLA, but some analysts question the connection.
This must be a two-way street, right? An interesting companion list would be the top 10 U.S.-based cyber attacks on China. You have to imagine we're trying to hit them just as hard