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Choose GOOD Update

After two years and $1,064,899 raised for our 21 amazing nonprofit partners, the Choose GOOD Campaign is entering a new phase: a partnership with GlobalGiving, an online marketplace that enables peer-to-peer philanthropy.We believe this program is an improvement because it provides more support to GOOD while maintaining the same impact level. It also offers a greater choice of initiatives, more flexibility for adding new organizations, and a better system of feedback to the subscriber on how the money is being used and the great things being accomplished.More support for GOOD:Now, when you subscribe, 100 percent of the money goes to GOOD, and GlobalGiving provides a gift certificate of equal value for you to direct to the worthy cause of your choiceCurrently, you can subscribe at the $10, $20, or $50 level-your choice. You get four issues at all levels, and if you give $50 you also get a GOOD T-shirt. More money from you means more support for GOOD and more support for great social impact initiatives.More choice:With high-impact social action projects in more than 60 countries, GlobalGiving gives our subscribers more choice in the causes they support.Currently, we're featuring Playpumps International (which makes playground equipment that also pumps water for African playgrounds), Youth Venture USA (an offshoot of Ashoka that funds youth social action projects), and Homegirl Cafe L.A. (a program that helps women in East Los Angeles go from gangs to restaurant work).More opportunity:Through GlobalGiving, it is easier for us to add nonprofit partners to Choose GOOD. We're currently working to integrate more partners into the program, so if you have an organization that you would like to recommend, please email partners (at) goodinc (dot) com to let us know.More feedback:By working with GlobalGiving, we benefit from their existing feedback loops-projects on GlobalGiving are required to report regularly on how donations have been used, and the results they have achieved.We're extremely grateful for the support of GlobalGiving and excited about this new phase in the Choose GOOD experiment. It will go at least until the end of June, and with your support, a lot longer.Here are several ways you can help: subscribe yourself, buy gift subscriptions, spread the word, and consider making additional donations through the website. You can also and recommend new nonprofit partners or ways to improve the process.We'll be posting another update in about a month once there is some more data.Thank you.

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