Feel The Mercury Rising: These Are The Hottest Cities In America

Get ready to invest in air conditioning

It’s the height of summer in the northern hemisphere, and although it’s the season we’ve all been waiting for, the rising temperatures are ushering Americans back inside for air conditioning and something cool to drink.

Following the hottest June ever recorded in U.S. history, Climate Central teamed up with The Weather Channel to bring us an interactive map that identifies which cities are commonly the hottest and which are heating up the fastest.

According to the map, as expected, Southern states like Texas, Florida and Arizona are home to some of the hottest city centers, with Miami coming in first, followed by McAllen, Texas and Fort Myers, Florida in third. The map of geographic locations warming up the fastest, however, points out surprising cities across more than 15 states, including those in the Midwest. Traditionally hot cities like Las Vegas and Austin are among unexpected hubs like Minneapolis, St. Louis and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Temperatures have been increasing over the past 50 years as a result of global warming and will continue to do so as greenhouse gas emissions stay on the rise. Check out the interactive map from Climate Central to learn more about which areas of the United States are heating up most.