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Coding for GOOD Office Hours Part 3: Join Our Live Chat

This content was produced by GOOD with support of Apollo Group

The job market is full of opportunities, and today many require in-demand technical skills that prospective candidates may have not have acquired in their previous years of education. But for many, going back to school isn't an option. To help address the technology skills gap, GOOD and Apollo Group have teamed up to offer Coding for GOOD, a free online program that teaches the basics of coding in sixteen easy-to-follow lessons. It's our effort to bridge the skills gap through real-world application and includes quizzes to test your knowledge, challenges to practice your skills, and videos from engineers at companies like Twitter and Grooveshark. Plus, one lucky participant who successfully completes the program will have the chance to work with the tech team here at GOOD. (For full details, click here.)

An essential part of learning is dialogue, so today we're hosting a live chat where you can ask questions about coding and developing. But you can also ask questions that aren't necessarily troubleshooting-related: Does coding ever get boring? What do coders do when they get stuck on a problem? What's it like to work at GOOD? Is it true we get paid time off to do volunteer work?

So join our live chat here from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM PT (3:00 PM - 7:00 PM ET) Thursday, November 29. Our pro tech team will be available to answer your questions and chat about all things coding and GOOD.

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