Inspired Designer Creates Literal Coffee Cups From Recycled Grounds

Never in history has the phrase “I’ll have a cup of coffee” been more accurate.

Image from the Kaffeeform website.

German designer Julian Lechner spent five years developing a formula for this line of coffee cups and saucers made of coffee grounds. The final recipe includes a mix of recycled grounds, collected from local cafes, natural glues, and sustainably-sourced wood grains. The resulting Kaffeeform Cups, which Lechner is now making available to buyers online, are waterproof and have been pilot-tested at a few local coffee shops. According to Dezeen, the material retains the scent of the coffee grounds—it would be interesting to see how that extra dimension of aroma would deepen the coffee-drinking experience.

Experimenting with the formula.

The molding process is similar to that of porcelain.

Prototypes of the cups and saucers.

The final product is water-proof and retains the scent of coffee grounds.