Colleges Ramp up Biking Incentives

The San Diego Union Tribunereports on various ways colleges in the western states are getting students to drive less and bike more:"'We're seeing programs where students get free bus passes. We've seen car-sharing programs, bike-sharing programs. Schools going to four-day weeks. Some schools will actually pay you not to drive to campus,' said Julian Dautremont-Smith, associate director of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education..."There's a wide array of different approaches being tried in different schools. That's as it should be. Lots of factors-the size of the campus, the proximity and volume of student housing, the density of the surrounding area, and the public transportation options available-combine to determine what the challenges and solutions are for a particular school.At many colleges, having a car is already hugely impractical though, and the numbers of people biking, walking, and busing are already relatively high. Making sure that people can commute to their jobs on bikes after they graduate is the bigger challenge.(Via TreeHugger)