Constance's Battle for Equality Wages On

We declared victory too soon.In case you're coming a little late to the Constance McMillen story, a quick...

In case you're coming a little late to the Constance McMillenstory, a quick refresher: McMillen, an 18-year-old senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Jackson, Mississippi, wanted to take her girlfriend to prom and in doing so, challenged a school policy against same-sex dates.

When the school decide to cancel prom altogether, the American Civil Liberties Union intervened, filing a suit against the school district, asking that it reverse its decision. A federal judge ruled that the school had indeed violated McMillen's rights, though it stopped short of reinstating the April prom date.

Meanwhile, the district ensured the court that a private prom, where all would be invited, would be held instead.

And right about there is when things continued their decline.

News this week

that parents, administrators and students conspired to prove that in a Mississippi high school, separate still means equal. McMillen was invited to a decoy prom of seven students while the rest of her classmates partied elsewhere.

Intolerance isn't always this obvious. For shame.

Her battle is merely beginning.

Image via the Associated Press.