Contest: Design a Poster About Women's Issues [UPDATED]

From March 12-14, The Daily Beast will be hosting the Women in the World summit, bringing out some big names in politics-Valerie Jarrett,...

From March 12-14, The Daily Beast will be hosting the Women in the World summit, bringing out some big names in politics—Valerie
Jarrett, Madeleine Albright—as well as activists, journalists, and thought leaders of all stripes. The goal? To address some of the key global challenges facing women today, from sex trafficking to child marriage to rape in war zones. Always ones to get behind a great idea, GOOD has teamed up with The Daily Beast team for a contest, and we need your help.


Bring attention to one of three critical issues facing women across the globe—human trafficking, childhood marriage, and childhood obesity—through a creative and unique public-awareness campaign poster.


Using design, photography, illustration, collage, or just a really nicely chosen font and phrase, design a public-awareness campaign poster to bring awareness to these overlooked issues: childhood marriage, human trafficking, and childhood obesity.


There's a great tradition of public awareness campaigns, from the suffrage movement, to the war effort. How can we best raise awareness about these key issues? To put things into perspective, here are some facts at a glance:


—Sex trafficking is the world’s third largest black market industry, behind drugs and weapons.

—The UN estimates that 12.3 million people live in forced labor the world over.

The State Department says as many as 800,000 victims are trafficked across international borders each year, a number that’s grown with the recession.

Child marriage

—Ending child marriage is a stated UN priority.

—UNICEF estimates that over 64 million women ages 20–24 were married before the age of 18.

—Contraception is still hard to come by or frowned upon in large parts of the developing world.

Childhood obesity

—Michelle Obama has made battling the epidemic in the United States a national priority.

—More than $150 billion is spent every year in the Unites States fighting obesity-related illnesses.

—Poor neighborhoods can be "food deserts," withlittle access to nutritious, low-fat food. Obesity disproportionately affects the poor and people of color.


—Create a campaign poster about one of these three key issues.

—Include a brief statement about your approach.

—Send us a hi-res digital image of your submission.

—Be creative!


Send your submissions to projects(at)goodinc(dot)com, with "Women in the World Campaign" as your subject line. Every submission will be posted, and the winner in each of the three categories will be announced on Monday, March 15 and featured on and The Daily Beast. Deadline: Sunday, March 14, at Midnight PST.