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Contest: Design the Gas Station of the Future

Gas stations-little areas off the highway that put dwindling supplies of polluting fossil fuels in our inneficient internal-combustion-engine...

Gas stations-little areas off the highway that put dwindling supplies of polluting fossil fuels in our inneficient internal-combustion-engine powered cars-need to become outmoded quickly. So, we're asking you, GOOD readers, to imagine the fueling station of the future. We want you to use your best design skills and imagination to show us how we'll be fueling our cars once we have moved on from gasoline. Is it a hydrogen filling station for our fuel cells? Is it a place where we switch in dead batteries for pre-charged ones? Do we not even need fuel because all our cars are solar powered? Show us.the OBJECTIVEShow us your rendering of the gas station of the future.the ASSIGNMENTUsing whatever design chops you want, draw or create what a typical fueling station will look like. Artistic mastery will help, but we're more excited about your ideas. A bad drawing of a great idea will be better than a beautiful rendering of something uninspiring.the REQUIREMENTSMake sure your image is annotated, so that people know what your station looks like. Once you're done, email your final design to projects[at]goodinc[dot]com. Each should be 2,500 pixels wide. Any image format works. Include in your email your name, and a description of your station and how the fueling of the future will work. The deadline for entries is March 10. We'll post the submissions then for everyone to take a look.the PRIZEThe winner (selected by GOOD and transportation futurist Richard Schaden), will receive $1,000 from Beyond the Edge. The first runner-up will receive $500 and the third-place entry will receive $250.INSPIRATION:We write often about transportation innovations in our Transportation section, and there may be some inspiration in our Radical Future of Transportation series. You should also check out this Treehugger post, and, even this Google results page, which can get you started on your thinking. Consider the internet your oyster.Illustration by Will Etling.

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