For my money, refrigeration ranks pretty highly in the list of modern conveniences-right up there with the internet, indoor plumbing, and the automobile.Of course, as we continue to learn, most of the conveniences of our modernity have come, to some extent, at the expense of the environment. That's why a small but growing number of people are opting to quit the fridge. Cold turkey. Or, I suppose, room temperature turkey. From NYTimes:As drastic as the move might seem, a small segment of the green movement has come to regard the refrigerator as an unacceptable drain on energy, and is choosing to live without it. In spite of its ubiquity-99.5 percent of American homes have one-these advocates say the refrigerator is unnecessary, as long as one is careful about shopping choices and food storage.It's bold, going fridge-less, but is it worth it? I'd certainly miss the convenience of that readily available post-work beer. And the article points out that the environmental and financial savings are not as significant as one might think (plus, less food-storage means more shopping which means more gas and/or food packaging). But the idea of "going without" seems increasingly attractive to me. What do you think, could go without your fridge?