Woman goes viral after sharing delivery guy's insanely creepy texts and company's terrible response.

by Julianne Adams

December 7, 2018

Goodness gracious, why don’t some people understand that when you order takeout through a delivery service, you just want the food and not unwanted advances that make you feel violated and unsafe?

Michelle Midwinter recently ordered food from Just Eat, a popular food delivery service abroad, and was harassed by a super creepy delivery guy.

She shared her experience on Twitter: 

In a press release, which can be read below, Midwinter shared how the delivery man’s behavior had seemed odd upon his arrival at her house. She says, “the delivery driver was not friendly, or polite. He just looked at me and slowly handed me the food. I thought it was a bit odd, and commented to my friend that he seemed angry.” 

After leaving, the delivery man repeatedly contacted her in an aggressive way.

via Michelle Midwinter/Twitter
via Michelle Midwinter/Twitter

“I realised this guy had my name, address, and phone number,” Midwinter wrote in the press release. She wanted to make the restaurant aware of the creepy delivery guy but didn’t feel comfortable contacting it directly, so she reached out to Just Eat. 

Just Eat offered her a £10 ($13) voucher and did not even imply the man would face repercussions.

“I also found out that two other acquaintances had received similar messages from the same driver,” Midwinter wrote. “I thought about how I would have felt it I had ordered just for myself and had been home alone. If i lived on my own this would have been even more traumatic.” 

A number of other women shared similar stories.


To deal with all the attention, Midwinter wrote a full press release.

After learning about the encounter, the Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent UK organization, released a statement about how the delivery man’s behavior is a violation of data laws.

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Woman goes viral after sharing delivery guy's insanely creepy texts and company's terrible response.