Crowd Crafted: A Music Video by 2,601 Contributors

2,601 people contributed to this three minute music video, breaking the record for most collaborators on one song.


In what may be the record for most collaborators on one song, the musician, artist, and online impresario Ze Frank has created a music video by layering submissions from 2,601 contributors. Gathered over the course of four months, Ze Frank, along with mixer Mr. Norman, asked people around the world to send in a recording of themselves performing specific actions to the same song.

The result is this video that combines 786 people on percussion, 1305 people mixing sounds into beats, 186 people on instruments and back-up vocals, 96 people singing, and 247 people performing choreography. It's an epic feat, and the song is actually pretty good too.
Ze Frank, who conceptualized the project, is no stranger to collaboration. His popular daily online series "A Show" takes video, photos, questions, and other submissions from fans as the starting point for each episode. Viewers have asked him everything from how to get out of their small, stifling town, to how to connect with an employer on a human level during a job interview.
Aside from how many hours it took for Ze Frank and Mr. Norman to compress submissions from 2,601 users into three minutes, what else would you ask the online performer?