Curated Learning 'Playlists' Make It Easy to Share Knowledge Online

More reliable than a search engine, more accessible than a textbook, MentorMob crowdsources knowledge on a wide range of topics.

When you want to learn something new, you usually start with a search engine. But many of your search results may not be relevant or reputable. A new service called MentorMob aims to make it easier to learn new information and skills by offering curated "playlists"—collections of links to the best articles, videos, and websites on a particular topic.

Like on Wikipedia, anyone can create or moderate playlists: Simply upload your links, then submit them to MentorMob. Users can rate the quality of the playlist so everyone else can see whether it teaches what it promises.

Playlists are divided into two categories—recreational, which teach things like how to "Create a Resume That Rocks" or "Choosing the Best Digital Camera", and academic, which covers math, science, and other subjects. A teacher could create a playlist of articles and videos about a particular topic, assign it to students to watch at home, and have them come to class the next day prepared to delve deeper into the content.

Of course, the only way to make MentorMob grow and become useful is to submit great playlists. Everyone's an expert on something, so if you have a great collection of links on a specific subject, now's the time to share!