Daytum: An App to Help You Track Your Life's Statistics

Now you can obsessively record how many books you read, or how many photos you take, just like Nicholas Felton!

The designer Nicholas Felton is well known for his so-called "Annual Reports." Since 2005, Felton has tracked data about his own life—the number of miles traveled, photos taken, books read, and much more—and used it to create a gorgeous, year-end infographic that summarizes his activity.

Now you can do the same. Felton's recently released iPhone app, Daytum, allows you to record and visualize data about your own life. You decide what to keep track of—the number of miles you run or how often you eat at home, for example—and Daytum automatically creates graphs that illuminate trends in your life. The app (which is integrated with the Daytum website) is free and easy to use. And it just might help you stick to some of those new year's resolutions.