Denmark’s Socialist Party Reminds Americans Abroad To Vote

‘Remember to vote – it has consequences’

The choices that America makes in the 2016 election will have a major impact on our healthcare system, immigration policies, and economy. But it’s easy to forget that as the world’s largest economic and military power, who we elect will have a massive effect on the rest of the planet as well. That’s why Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party is sending a singular message to Americans living abroad — “Vote!”

Recently, a bus bearing Republican nominee Donald Trump’s signature coif has been rolling around Copenhagen, Denmark with “Americans abroad – vote!” scrawled on its side. Given the comical way that Trump’s eyes sit on the bus’s wheels, its clear it was dispatched to remind Americans who are voting against him. The caption for the video above, translated into English, says “We would like to say to the American citizens: Remember to vote – it has consequences” - Pia Olsen Dyhr. Dyhr is a Danish politician and chairperson for the Socialist People’s Party.

Americans living abroad can download a ballot from the Federal Voter Assistance Program’s website and send it in from anywhere in the world.