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This Software Developer Makes A Great First Impression With An Interactive Tetris Business Card

Such a little device makes an awfully big impression because … who doesn’t like Tetris?

Business cards may not have the cache or significance that they once did, but if you find yourself getting into a showdown, American Psycho-style, over who has the most impressive card, you’ll probably want developer Kevin Bates in your corner.

Bates turned the convention of business cards upside down by using a stripped-down Arduino processor to create a digital, interactive Tetris game that fits in your wallet.

Thanks to OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) display technology, Bates was able to create a fully operational device, functioning and looking like a Game Boy, that measures only 1.6mm thick. That thin profile houses a coin-cell battery that allows the user to play for up to nine hours before swapping out, which should be plenty of time to drive home the fact that the guy who gave this to you is a pretty clever dude.

Sure, it’s about as expensive a business card as you’ll find, so you probably wouldn’t take a stack of these to hit the floor of a convention. But when you meet an employer or potential partner you really want to impress, this thing is likely worth every penny.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these without having to meet Kevin Bates in a professional setting, you can visit the product’s website. It’s not available for sale, but you can build one based on his specs and impress some business contact of your own.

Or just play lots and lots of Tetris.

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