Project: Design Your Business Card

Time to retire your boring business card. For this project, we're challenge you to design one people will remember.

This month we asked you to channel your inner artist for this month’s #30DaysofGOOD Challenge, Art Every Day. Our goal is to incorporate art into our month with these 31 tasks, which range from creating an artist’s workspace in your home to making a card for someone you love. For this challenge, we were inspired by another task: Design your business card.

Design a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding business card. Get creative. While we welcome submissions designed in Photoshop and Illustrator, you’re free to use any medium.

Business cards should include a name, job title, name of company, phone number, and email (it need not be your actual info; we're only interested in how it's displayed). Other information, like Twitter handle and address, is optional.

Please submit your entry here. It must be a .jpg image 450 pixels wide and less than 1 MB in size. Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, March 27.

The winner will receive a GOOD t-shirt and a one-year subscription to our print magazine.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user TwisterMc

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager defended his use of the word "ki*e," on his show Thursday by insisting that people should be able to use the word ni**er as well.

It all started when a caller asked why he felt comfortable using the term "ki*e" while discussing bigotry while using the term "N-word" when referring to a slur against African-Americans.

Prager used the discussion to make the point that people are allowed to use anti-Jewish slurs but cannot use the N-word because "the Left" controls American culture.

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Step by step. 8 million steps actually. That is how recent college graduate and 22-year-old Sam Bencheghib approached his historic run across the United States. That is also how he believes we can all individually and together make a big impact on ridding the world of plastic waste.

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The Planet

According to the FBI, the number of sexual assaults reported during commercial flights have increased "at an alarming rate." There was a 66% increase in sexual assault on airplanes between 2014 and 2017. During that period, the number of opened FBI investigations into sexual assault on airplanes jumped from 38 to 63. And flight attendants have it worse. A survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA found that 70% of flight attendants had been sexually harassed while on the job, while only 7% reported it.

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