Teacher Forces Students To Draw 1,000 Emojis As Punishment

They won’t be late again after this

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American school kids have it easy these days. Back in the day, if you were out of line, a teacher could box your ears or you’d wind up in the principal’s office for a few whacks on the bottom. Kids who misbehaved and got caught were also forced to write standards on the blackboard, like Bart on The Simpsons ’ opening. Now it’s 2016 and a teacher in China has found a clever way to punish his students that combines traditional standards with modern text communication.

An unidentified teacher at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, China was tired of his students coming late to class so devised a diabolical punishment. He made them write 1,000 emojis after class. The evil twist: the emojis must all be different. This sounds like a one-way ticket to hand-cramp city and a great way to get a migraine. Chances are his students will never be late to class again.

Think that seems like brutal punishment? Shanghaiist reports that another teacher in China forced their stunts to write 1,000 biang characters which takes 58 stroke to complete. I’d rather get a whack on the bottom.

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