Did You Fall For It Like I Did? Did You Fall For It Like I Did?

Did You Fall For It Like I Did?

by Casey Caplowe

April 4, 2009
If you've recently found yourself in one of the cities inundated with TAP Project ads maybe they got you too. In the event these ads haven't yet sufficiently tempted your curiosity, I encourage you to try them out now and text  T-A-P to U-N-I-C-E-F (864233)-just like they ask you to.I'll wait.Okay, done?Did it happen to you?Well, last night, after passing my umpteenth TAP Project ad here in Los Angeles, I finally succumbed to the clever copy and friendly images and decided I wanted to know what it was all about.  In pursuit of such a general answer, I followed the ad's instructions and texted the word "Tap"  to "UNICEF". (As I've now suggested you do.)A bit to my surprise (and perhaps now to yours), I was instantaneously countered with the following text message reply: "To confirm your $5 donation to UNICEF reply with the word YES."Wah?! I felt like they had tricked me into donating when I hadn't actually donated yet-and didn't necessarily mean to in the first place. Nevertheless, sitting there, confronted with such a simple, if presumptuous, retort to my innocent experiment with text message marketing, I sure as hell wasn't going to be the guy who didn't give UNICEF five bucks by simply responding with a "YES."So I did. (And perhaps you have too?) In a way, I thank them for tricking me-or I could say surprising me-into it. I feel good about having given the money, and I'll admit that I probably wouldn't have if the ask was more overt.And now I'm telling you about it. (And perhaps helped trick you into a small act of philanthropy as well.) I've got to hand it to that campaign-entertaining and effective all the way through.iphone image taken by the author on Melrose near LaBrea. 
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Did You Fall For It Like I Did?