Marriage, in the state of California, is defined as being between a man and a woman, per recent decisions by the voters and the state supreme court. A key argument in the making of that law was that marriage is a traditional institution with a long history that did not involve gay people, and adding them in now would only mess things up. A common retort is that, with a divorce rate of around 50 percent, straight couples are messing up traditional marriage themselves just fine.To help fix traditional marriage once and for all, John Marcotte has submitted his own ballot iniative to the state of California, proposing that divorce be totally outlawed. It's hard to tell whether Marcotte is being serious or ironical about this (his picture is hard to read). Either way, it begs the question of whether people are willing to follow their beliefs to their logical, if unpleasant, conclusions. My experience in life has been that most of the time, people are not. What about you? Will you support the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act?ViaBoing Boing