Doctoral Student Uncovers Recipe for Cleaner Diesel

A researcher from the Eindhoven University of Technology has discovered a way to decrease soot emissions from diesel combustion by adding cyclohexanone to ordinary diesel. Cyclox, the name given to the diesel variant, ignites at a slower rate, which allows oxygen and fuel to mix more thoroughly. This results in a more complete combustion that reduces soot output.

On top of this, cyclohexanone can be produced from waste products. Here's the official word from the university website :
Boot’s research bore out that cyclohexanone can be made from lignin. This substance is released in great quantities as a waste product in the paper industry, among others. For this reason the Eindhoven researcher wants to try and develop an industrial process for making cyclohexanone from waste lignin on a large scale and at low cost.
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Photo ( cc ) by Flickr user respres .