Does In-N-Out Need a Veggie Burger? Does In-N-Out Need a Veggie Burger?

Does In-N-Out Need a Veggie Burger?

by Andrew Price

September 6, 2012

If you've ever spent time in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, or Texas, chances are you're acquainted with In-N-Out Burger, the much-loved fast food chain with the pared down menu. And you might have noticed that In-N-Out doesn't offer much for vegetarians. Sure, you can get a grilled cheese sandwich or some fries, but it's a restaurant that caters to omnivores.

Could that change? Maybe. Southern California vegan Ari Solomon has created an online petition to lobby In-N-Out, which recently cut its ties with a sketchy beef supplier, to go a step further and offer veggie burgers. 

ABC World News Tonight reported that one of the beef suppliers In-N-Out was buying from, Central Valley Meat, was shut down because they were violating animal cruelty laws and treating the cows horrendously. In-N-Out did the right thing and said they would no longer buy from this supplier, but it's the 21st century and I think it's high time they offer a veggie burger option for customers who don't want to eat animals or just want a little diversity with an environmentally-friendly, healthier option once in a while.

The petition has a target of 5,000 supporters and is just above 3,000 now. Given the health-conscious attitudes that prevail in much of California, there's little doubt that an In-N-Out veggie burger would be a success. And the more people opted for it, the better off our planet would be (industrial cattle farming is a big source of climate change-causing emissions). But In-N-Out hasn't changed its official menu since 1948, so maybe don't hold your breath.

In related news, McDonald's just opened its first vegetarian restaurant in India.

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Does In-N-Out Need a Veggie Burger?