Mattress Company Makes Bunk Beds for People and Their Pets

It may even help you and your pet catch better z’s.

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Animal lovers know the trouble that comes with sharing your bed with a pet. You may love your dog, cat, or pot-bellied pig, but somehow, every night, they find a way to take over the entire mattress, pushing you off to a tiny sliver on the side. Plus, sharing a bed with a pet can be bad for allergy sufferers and prevent you from getting the best sleep possible. That’s why a new invention from Brazilian mattress company Colchão Inteligente Postural is awesome for animal lovers.

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Colchão has invented a pet bunk bed that gives your pooch a comfortable little bed inside your box spring. The bed—removable for easy cleaning—is constructed from fiberboard and upholstered with fabric, and can be any size you like. If your pet loves its privacy, you can add an elegant curtain to the bed’s opening. The company was inspired to create the pet bunk when a customer wanted to sleep with her dog but, because of its health problems, it couldn’t share the mattress with her.

(H/T Mental Floss)