Resist Marchers In LA Redecorate Donald Trump's Hollywood Star

“I got a nice chuckle out of that.”

This year, West Hollywood’s legendary pride parade took on a more purposeful tone in the face of an oppressive administration, rebranding itself as ResistMarch. With the philosophies of dissent and subversion on the minds of tens of thousands of marchers, it was unlikely that they would all pass by President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame without leaving their mark.

The star has long been a target of anti-Trump sentiment, having been subjected to attempts at destruction (an attack with a pickax) to the more absurd (being surrounded by a tiny wall to protest Trump’s immigration agenda).

This time around, there was no concerted effort, so the thousands of passersby who were traveling along the march route simply adorned the star with as many stickers as they could, protesting the perceived intolerance of the Trump administration.

Initially, the stickers were sparse …

Then they weren’t …

The act definitely fits the textbook definition of vandalism, though don’t underestimate the left’s ability to spin “vandalism” into a more innocuous phrase, despite the more permanent scratches and etchings that seemed to appear on the star over the course of the day.

“Decorated with love.”


The march’s founder, Brian Pendleton, offered an equally diplomatic answer when asked by CNN what he thought about the “redecoration” of the President’s Hollywood honor.

“I definitely don't condone vandalism, but it was funny to see,” he said. “I got a nice chuckle out of that.”
The LAPD, which doesn’t condone vandalism either, has said that it will review security tape to find any offending parties for possible misdemeanor prosecution.
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