Early Signs: Obama’s Jedi Charisma Works in Russia Too

Obama has been in Moscow trying to "reset" America's relations with Russia. There have been warnings that Obama's Jedi charisma won't work in Russia, where leaders are paranoid and the people are less enthusiastic about him. But here's some early good news: He and President Medvedev have agreed to a new reduction of their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. From the Times:Negotiators are to be instructed to craft a treaty that would cut strategic warheads for each side to between 1,500 and 1,675, down from the limit of 2,200 slated to take effect in 2012 under the Treaty of Moscow signed by President George W. Bush.The limit on delivery vehicles would be cut to between 500 and 1,100 from the 1,600 currently allowed under Start.The countries would be required to meet the limits in the treaty within seven years, officials said.Perhaps more important than the specific limits would be a revised and extended verification system that otherwise would expire with Start in December.Fewer nuclear weapons in the world. It can't be bad. And, incidentally, Medvedev looks totally charmed in this photo.