What Does It Take to Make the Meat the U.S. Eats?

A whole lot of resources and energy. #WayToVeg

On average, Americans consume 270 lbs. of meat per year, which requires a ton of resources and energy.

A recent study conducted by Quantis and MorningStar Farms®* proves that if U.S. adults switched just one meat-containing meal for a veggie meal, they could save thousands of acres of land, billions of gallons of water, and hundreds of miles in greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s just one meal!

You can make a huge difference by switching one meat meal with a veggie one. It’s better for you and the planet. #WayToVeg

* The actual environmental impacts will vary depending on various factors, including the source of the food and other overall dietary choices. Source: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Plant-Based Foods and Meat Foods Summary (Quantis & MorningStar Farms®, 2016) Available at:\n