Eco Aggression: Who's In?

Feeling a little angry about something? Your job, maybe, or your significant other, or, I don't know, the state of the planet? Well, here's a novel outlet: David Belt, the environmentalist-artist who brought those awesome dumpster pools to Brooklyn last summer—and inspired us to show you how to make your own—has a new project along the super-polluted Gowanus Canal. It's called "Glassphemy!" and it looks cool as hell.

Made of bulletproof glass, Glassphemy is a 20-by-30-foot box that invites visitors to stand on a platform and whip used glass bottles into it. Apparently they smash "fantastically, artfully designed lights flash, and no one is harmed."

“Recycling’s so boring,” Belt said to The New York Times. “We tried to make it a little bit more exciting.”

It opens May 20. You can learn more about Belt's organization here.

Update: Turns out, not just anyone can show up and break stuff. Good thing our friends at ReadyMade have teamed up with Glassphemy for a contest wherein the winner gets to visit the glass box. Click here for complete contest rules.