Education: Morning Roundup, The Berkeley-BP Connection

Morning Roundup:

From the Los Angeles Times: Why no campus protest over Berkeley-BP connection?

Given the events in the Gulf of Mexico, one would think the cozy relationship between the university and the oil giant in the form of the Energy Biosciences Institute would have set off an uproar by now.

From The New York Times: Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age

College officials suggest that many students simply do not grasp that using words they did not write is a serious academic misdeed.

From The New York Times: $200 Textbook vs. Free. You Do the Math.

Two founders of Sun Microsystems have created two nonprofits to bring open-source textbooks to kindergarten through high school classes.

From The New York Times: A School District That Takes the Isolation Out of Autism

The public schools in Madison, Wis., are nationally known for including children with disabilities in regular classes.

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