Election Secrets Revealed! Election Secrets Revealed!

Election Secrets Revealed!

by Nikhil Swaminathan

November 7, 2008
/youtube]So, now that the carefully scripted part of our political process is over, all the dirt is coming out. You have probably seen the FOX News footage above, but the first to strike were previously mum McCain staffers who finally pushed running mate Sarah Palin under the bus, revealing that she does not know whether Africa is a continent or a country and cannot name the countries involved in NAFTA.Newsweek, however, has the mother lode--a seven-part series of previously embargoed happenings on the campaign trail. Here are some highlights from the report; chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 are online today:-Both campaigns suffered hack attacks, with technogeeks somewhere "phishing" for credit card numbers and other possibly compromising information. The FBI had to get involved in both cases.-Palin's much-maligned buying spree of tasteful, but boring business suits with unnecessarily fashionable nameplates was way more extensive than reported. A donor--a wealthy Republican--suffered a severe jaw-dropping when the tab that the Governor ran up came due.-Palin wanted to address the nation when McCain conceded on Tuesday night. McCain higher-ups denied her request.-The Obamas received an increase in threats on their lives after the conventions, around the same time that the media began reporting on the increasingly whipped-up crowds at Republican rallies.-McCain campaign officials had already decided that their effort was a failure before the third debate--they just didn't tell their candidate.-Why wasn't Hillary Clinton really considered for the VP-slot on the Obama ticket? The sins and ugliness of the primary had been forgotten. But, muzzling Bill? They didn't think it could be done.-File under not that surprising: Hillary and McCain are much closer than Hillary and Obama. In fact, they had a nice, long chat when she realized her presidential campaign was finished.
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Election Secrets Revealed!