Unbelievable Pictures From Elon Musk’s Latest ‘Boring’ Project

They’re anything but boring

Image via Wikipedia

While sitting in traffic this past December, Elon Musk quasi joked about starting a tunneling business called the Boring Company on Twitter.

Five months later, that joke has become a reality—because this is Elon Musk we’re talking about. On Friday, Musk released photos and videos of the company’s first attempt to bore a tunnel underneath the SpaceX parking lot. Eventually, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO hopes to solve Los Angeles’ growing traffic problem by digging a web of tunnels underneath the city. And while Musk doesn’t need a permit to dig massive holes on his own property, the company will need to gain approval from the city to dig from Los Angeles International Airport to Culver City, Santa Monica, and Sherman Oaks as intended .

Inside the tunnels, LA commuters would be able to attach their cars to an “electric sled” that pulls cars through at a speed of 125 miles per hour, Business Insider reports . During a TED Talk in April, Musk explained how the electric skate system would work with the city’s existing infrastructure, ultimately revealing a video of the demo tunnel on Instagram on Friday with the warning, “This may cause motion sickness or seizures.”

With “Godot” as the name of the first “Boring Machine,” it looks like the company knows no limits when it comes to futuristic inventions and puns.