Enemy of the State

Hasan Elahi isn't a terrorist‚ and he can prove it.

Hasan Elahi isn't a terrorist‚ and he can prove it.

Since the winter of 2002, Hasan Elahi has documented every urinal he's used. He's photographed every plate of noodles he's eaten. His every movement, in fact, has been tracked through a GPS device in his cell phone and posted online. This is not blog-fuelled solipsism, nor a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. His careful documentation of the mundane details of his life is all part of an ongoing art project called "Tracking Transience: The Orwell Project," which Elahi developed when he discovered that after 9/11 the FBI had taken a keen interest in his life.A professor of art at Rutgers University and a working artist, 35-year-old Elahi frequently travels abroad for shows and lectures. But in 2002, after arriving in Detroit from Europe, he handed over his American passport and the man behind the counter "literally froze." Elahi was led to a detention room and questioned by the FBI about his whereabouts on Sept. 11. Apparently, the owners of a storage unit that Elahi rented had called the police to report that an Arab man had been hoarding explosives and had fled on Sept. 12. "Interestingly," says Elahi, "I am not Arab, nor had these people ever seen the inside of the storage unit."\n\n\n
Elahi was led to a detention room and questioned by the FBI about his whereabouts on Sept. 11.
A Palm PDA proved to be his salvation. Using the calendar, Elahi was able to retrace every move he'd made on the days leading up to, and following, 9/11. But for the next six months, he was frequently called back to the FBI's offices, where he was questioned in Arabic (a language that Elahi, born in Bangladesh and raised in New York, does not speak). He finally passed a three-hour-long lie-detector test and was sent on his way. Fearing a midnight abduction to Guantanamo, he asked for a letter from the FBI clearing him of suspicion. He was told instead to report to an agent the next time he traveled. "Thus the birth of Tracking Transience," he says, "with the first call to [the agent] reporting my whereabouts."The site is now an interconnected series of databases. If you want to verify, for example, that Elahi really did fly from Tokyo to Newark on a certain date, you can look at images of the Tokyo airport on his website-including the urinal he used-and then cross-check his posted bank records for that day, verify the flight details, and look at a catalogue of images of his airplane meals. Elahi's work both aids and undermines the kind of investigations conducted by intelligence agencies. By making all information about his movements available to anyone, he says he's "borrowing a very simple economic principle and flooding a market to a point where the currency has no remaining value." Despite the annoyances of constant documentation, Elahi finds the project reassuring. "I certainly feel safer having my life completely open," he says."If I do disappear, numerous people from all over the world will notice that I'm missing. I look at it as the best security that money can buy."LEARN MORE
Ottawa Humane Society / Flickr

The Trump Administration won't be remembered for being kind to animals.

In 2018, it launched a new effort to reinstate cruel hunting practices in Alaska that had been outlawed under Obama. Hunters will be able to shoot hibernating bear cubs, murder wolf and coyote cubs while in their dens, and use dogs to hunt black bears.

Efforts to end animal cruelty by the USDA have been curtailed as well. In 2016, under the Obama Administration, the USDA issued 4,944 animal welfare citations, in two years the numbers dropped to just 1,716.

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We often dismiss our dreams as nonsensical dispatches from the mind while we're deep asleep. But recent research proves that our dreams can definitely affect our waking lives.

People often dream about their significant others and studies show it actually affects how we behave towads them the next day.

"A lot of people don't pay attention to their dreams and are unaware of the impact they have on their state of mind," said Dylan Selterman, psychology lecturer at the University of Maryland, says according to The Huffington Post. "Now we have evidence that there is this association."

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At the end of the September 6th episode of "Real Time, " Maher turned to the camera for his usual editorial and discussed how obesity is a huge part of the healthcare debate that no one is having.

"At Next Thursday's debate, one of the candidates has to say, 'The problem with our healthcare system is Americans eat shit and too much of it.' All the candidates will mention their health plans but no one will bring up the key factor: the citizens don't lift a finger to help," Maher said sternly.

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The creator of the Me Too kit — an at home rape kit that has yet to hit the market — has come under fire as sexual assault advocates argue the kit is dangerous and misleading for women.

The kit is marketed as "the first ever at home kit for commercial use," according to the company's website. "Your experience. Your kit. Your story. Your life. Your choice. Every survivor has a story, every survivor has a voice." Customers will soon be able order one of the DIY kits in order to collect evidence "within the confines of the survivor's chosen place of safety" after an assault.

"With MeToo Kit, we are able to collect DNA samples and other tissues, which upon testing can provide the necessary time-sensitive evidence required in a court of law to identify a sexual predator's involvement with sexual assault," according to the website.

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