EPA Finally Says Hormones in Water Are Worth Doing Something About

The EPA is finally-finally!-considering cracking down on some of the other pharmaceuticals, chemicals and (ew) hormones that contaminate our water. There are 104 on their new list, and eight of them are forms of estrogen. Considering what we know about estrogen overloading, this could be good news for women in particular, but really for all of us on the foodchain-"intersex" fish included.We know that there are many kinds of contaminants the EPA does look out for. We also know that watchdog groups think that list is woefully incomplete. That's because it is. Estrogen overload, besides conjuring images of a man-breast epidemic, can have pretty dangerous effects on women's bodies. Is our tap water actually capable of wreaking this kind of havoc? Skeptics will say of course not. I say: Really? Prove it.Considering we're already exposing ourselves to a host of chemicals and contaminants in our bottled water, our tap water, and through the personal-care products we use every single day, we should applaud any effort to reduce the crap our bodies have to deal without us knowing it.Also on the list were different pesticides, the potent carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane (which is a contaminant in many a beauty product), formaldehyde (ditto), and others. Click on the link above for the complete list they're considering banning. It's currently open for public review.