Exit Gates

Today is Bill Gates's last day at Microsoft before "retiring," at the ripe old age of 52, from full-time work at the company.

While he will remain the chairman of Microsoft, he'll no longer come into the office every day. Instead, he plans to devote his time to more focused work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He believes that with great wealth comes great responsibility, and since he's something like the third richest man alive, he's taken it upon himself and his charity foundation to be responsible for things like the eradication of polio, and bringing free public Internet access to technologically developing countries like Botswana, Latvia and the Ukraine.

Mr. Gates, if you're reading this, we high-five you. Big congrats on your retirement from corporate deity to well-to-do world hero! And just between us, you're definitely better off in your new role, as many of us feel that Windows went out of style in the 90s, anyway.

Photo: In 1978, the original 11 members of Microsoft (Bill Gates bottom left), via the New York Times.