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Exploring the Cutting Edge of STEM Technology

This post is brought to you by The Air Force Collaboratory

Introducing the Air Force Collaboratory: To help raise awareness that STEM is a driving force behind the competitive technologies and life-saving innovations of the future, the Air Force created its first collaborative online platform known as The Air Force Collaboratory. Through a combination of learning tools such as videos and research documents, you can participate in The Air Force Collaboratory and gain the background knowledge to come up with innovative solutions to three challenges posed by the Air Force. Learn more about about how you can put your STEM knowledge to the test here.

The Next Frontier of STEM Education: Ensuring Access for Minority Students: Despite the growing diversity of America's population, a recent study from the U.S. Department of Commerce (PDF) found that whites are twice as likely to have a science or engineering job as their black or Latino peers. To help eliminate this gap, some of the most innovative STEM initiatives are those geared to increase the number of minority students joining those fields. Read more about organizations that are using innovative methods to make students fall in love with science here.

Engineering How to Save Lives: Creating Tools for a Better Emergency Response:What if your job entailed developing lifesaving technologies everyday? For 1st Lt. Michael Ysebaert, an Air Force engineer, working to saves lives is just another part of his day-to-day work at the Air Force Research Lab. He works to equip an elite team of highly-skilled Airmen called Pararescuemen (or PJs) who are trained to find and rescue people after disasters occur. Learn more about Ysebaert and his work here.

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