Infographic: Solving the STEM Dilemma Infographic: Solving the STEM Dilemma
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Infographic: Solving the STEM Dilemma

by Hyperakt

August 3, 2011
Launch Infographic

We also asked the GOOD community on Twitter and Facebook how teachers can inspire students to love math and science. Here are some of our favorite responses:


To learn more about the issues surrounding STEM education in today's classrooms, check out even more stories:

- an infographic from the Carnegie Foundation on new initiatives to recruit 100,000 STEM teachers in 10 years

- high school science teacher Shawn Cornally's perspective on what we need to do to ensure to the the teachers that we retain the teachers that enter the classroom

- DSST public schools CEO Bill Kurtz's recent post on how the American school system can train students for the tech jobs of the future.

This infographic is a collaboration between GOOD and Hyperakt, in partnership with University of Phoenix
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Infographic: Solving the STEM Dilemma