Extracurricular Abortions

In Manchester, New Hampshire, as part of the local YMCA's STAY program, a group of seventh and eight graders recently took a tour of Planned Parenthood. Given that the STAY program strives to keep at-risk students in school and out of trouble (trouble with drugs, trouble with the law), and given that few things could compromise a student's ability to stay in school like an unwanted pregnancy, a trip to Planned Parenthood would seem to be a pragmatic, if not essential, component of that edification. Well, not as far as the New Hampshire Right to Life Group is concerned --the group protested the visit with "Babies Killed Here" signs, and now wants to be granted equal time with the students. By the by, abortion was not discussed during the students' visit.

For more on this schismatic issue, take a look at Siobhan O'Connor 's piece from GOOD Issue 5 called Playing Doctor , an investigation of the pro-life movement's new plan for family planning.