Marion Cotillard Seriously Wants Women To Be Respected In The Workplace

Has it come to this?

Last week, GOOD shared a hilarious video from The Huffington Post satirizing gender inequality in the workplace. “Pinksourcing” used the topic of outsourcing to illustrate how American women are paid less, given fewer opportunities for advancement, and have to fight centuries-old stereotypes in the workplace. Today, Funny or Die released a similar video that shows women how to combat being objectified in the office.

In “Forehead Tittaes w/ Marion Cotillard” the Oscar-winning actress (La Vie en Rose, Midnight in Paris) reveals a secret product that professional French women use to earn the respect of male coworkers: a pair of breasts they attach to their foreheads. Although the video is obviously an attempt at humor, it’s based on a depressing reality. Earlier this year, a study by revealed that women who wear low-cut tops are 19 times more likely to get a job interview in the sales and accounting fields than those that do not.